Protecting brands Triggering engagement Everywhere

Protecting brands
Triggering engagement

We deliver award-winning protection solutions for brands around the world

YPB is one of the world’s leading brand protection companies. We have been providing brand protection and consumer engagement solutions for Businesses and Governments across all sectors and markets since 2011.

The world has forever changed and first point of contact for nearly all consumers is now online rather than in a ‘bricks and mortar’ store. And while the move to online e-commerce has opened up brands to the world, it has also made it easier for counterfeiters to target your Business and harder for brands to know their end consumers.

We work with each client to provide proven and tailored brand protection solutions using industry-leading technologies. But we don’t stop at protecting brands – we ensure that protect - detect - connect with every one of your consumers, everywhere.

If you sell via e-commerce

We have a solution

If you are an exporter

We have a solution

If you want to fight fakes

We have a solution

If you want to connect to the end consumer

We have a solution

Brand Protection Security

YPB delivers award-winning and patented technologies that are leading the way in brand protection, providing confidence to governments brands and consumers alike.

Consumer Engagement and Authentication

YPB’s brand protection technologies are smartphone readable, delivering fast and easy certainty of authenticity into the palms of millions of people around the world. Authenticity triggers consumer engagement creating a ‘moment of trust’ with your brand.

YPB Connect

Our cloud platform that transforms product packaging into a global billboard for any brand

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