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Track and Trace Overlay


What is it?

The Track and Trace Overlay Solution introduces an even higher level of security to your logistics and overall supply chain.


How does it work?

Digital, geo-location authentication registers where a shipment is down to a pallet, box and item level, anywhere along its journey. It can be combined with forensic technologies to create an additional level of anti-counterfeit security, ultimately resulting in stronger, product authentication. The YPB Connect Platform sends alerts to clients if the system detects any anomalies.


The track and trace overlay deployment can use serialized QR and/or NFC technologies with the option to further bolster through forensic authentication methods. This provides multiple integration options at manufacturing, printing or packaging stage. Deployment can be tailored by YPB specialists to minimize potential downtime.


Key Benefits

Confirmation of authenticity along the entire logistics and supply chain.

Real time reporting on shipment location.

Item level ePedigree confirmation to logistics partner, wholesaler, retailer and customer via smartphone.

Tracks parallel exports or misdirected shipments.

Flags anomalies to client in a timely manner for investigation.

Forensic anti-counterfeit measure ensures the integrity of digital component, for a more secure solution.

Any digital component can be repurposed to become a Consumer Engagement touchpoint.

Affordable and easy to introduce into existing systems.

Full YPB Connect platform compatibility, and scalable to any sized operation.