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What is it?

An NFC tag is a transponder that contains a microchip and an antenna. It can be identified by a NFC reading device such as a smartphone, the moment it is within range.


How does it work?

Once the NFC smartphone is within range of the transponder, it powers up the microchip, which then identifies itself. The chip stores data that any NFC enabled smartphone can read, and connects users to YPB’s platform content. No app or other interaction is required.


NFC tags allow for both covert and overt digital authentication, tracking and tracing of a product’s journey in the supply chain and customer engagement. Through YPB’s Intelligent Printing services transponders/tags can be directly integrated into the product, packaging, signage, collateral or at point-of-sale.


Key Benefits

No need for extra Apps.

Tap and go functionality.

Usage can be tracked and analyzed via YPB’s Connect Platform.

Targeting can be repurposed and redefined via YPB’s Connect Platform.

Covert or overt presence results in real flexibility of application.

True functionality and direct platform integration.

YPB’s Connect Platform caters specifically to NFC integration.