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Covert Forensic Tracer

YPB’s Secure Track and Trace is specifically designed to further augment existing authentication systems of shipments and goods. This does not replace an existing track and trace system but rather supplements it as an overlay, providing an extra tier of security. Here is how:


What is it?

Created from a very fine powder of rare earth minerals that resonate at specific frequencies.


How does it work?

When integrated into ink, dies, plastics or paper-based material, our Covert Forensic Tracer becomes part of the packaging, printed material or product. Invisible to the eye this embedded anti-counterfeit measure can only be authenticated by a uniquely designed, handheld scanner.


It provides secure printing, the ability to authenticate track and trace deployments and product authentication. Easily integrated into virtually any manufacturing or printing process, this makes the Covert Forensic Tracer a viable security measure for any industry. Each batch of tracer is custom manufactured for the specific needs of a client. If required, YPB can also undertake the manufacturing and printing on a client’s behalf.


Key Benefits

Virtually impossible to recreate, our invisible, Covert Forensic Tracer can be immediately verified using YPB’s proprietary scanner.  

Invisible and undetectable to the human eye.

Almost indestructible and prohibitively difficult to recreate.

Offers a high level of security that is trusted by brands, government and financial institutions.

YPB is the only company licensed in China to distribute this unique solution.