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Manufacturers want to deliver the ‘real thing’ to market.
Here is how YPB helps to make that happen.


Product Authentication

Product Authentication lets manufacturers integrate authentication solutions with minimal modification to their existing production process.

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Forensic Services & IP Analysis

Forensic Services & IP Analysis provides manufacturers - and their clients - with anti-counterfeit evaluation and ‘security design’ expertise. If warranted, we can even reverse engineer a product to ascertain how secure the existing design is against counterfeiting.

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Secure Track and Trace Overlay

Secure Track and Trace Overlay integrates secure distribution between the manufacturing facility and the client’s distribution center – preventing counterfeit product entering between the two points.

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement introduces secure touch points, directly linked to a unique product. A warranty registration trigger – for example - printed as a QR code onto product, at the beginning of the manufacturing process will make the entire warranty registration process more intuitive.

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