Australian News Article – Crime Stoppers International Announcement

  • Date: 11th March 2015
  • Category: Industry News
  • Origin: The Australian

FROM the “learn something new every day” department, we always thought Crime Stoppers was a worthy but parochial organisation targeting street-level miscreants inevitably clad in black hoodies.

Thanks to the anti-counterfeiting group we now know there’s a Crime Stoppers International (CSI), the umbrella organisation covering the crime-busters in 28 countries.

The China-focused YPB has become the preferred brand protection provider for CSI, based on YPB’s Brand Reporter product.

“The organisation recognizes illicit trade as a major problem and in fact see the impact of counterfeit reaching as far as funding terrorism,” YPB says.

The deal is exclusive, global and for an initial three years. There’s no mention of likely revenue dollars involved, but that’s no crime. Spec buy.

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